Revolutionizing Recruiting: How ChatGPT is Changing the Hiring Game

ChatGPT is revolutionizing recruitment, with advanced capabilities that help job candidates and companies streamline the hiring process. It assists with interview prep, job descriptions, and onboarding, paving the way for no-code platforms that will empower anyone to develop software

Revolutionizing Recruiting: How ChatGPT is Changing the Hiring Game

ChatGPT has been revolutionizing many aspects of our lives. Released in November 2022, it has brought something unimaginable - it can write decent code in any programming language.

GitHub Copilot started looking like a toy compared to ChatGPT until recently, when Copilot X was announced. It brings a chat-like interface to Visual Studio and VS Code, and GPT-4 model.

We got quite a capable coworker that can help us with our daily tasks and increase our productivity even more. But there is more to it - let’s dig in deeper.

Recruiting process

Recruiting will change both for companies and job candidates. It will probably take some time before companies catch up, but I’m sure candidates are already onto it.

How ChatGPT can help job candidates prepare for the interview

What has usually taken months of preparation for the interviews at Big Tech can now take significantly less time. ChatGPT can help you with some of the following:

  • Company research
  • Understand the job requirements
  • Practice common interview questions
  • Prepare for the technical interview
  • Behavioral questions
  • Tips & tricks

Help with the test task

Many companies use take-home assignments that take several hours to even days to complete.

The idea is to assess the coding and problem-solving skills while also trying to simulate actual working conditions.

Take-home test tasks are my favorite way of showcasing technical skills and proficiency in a specific tech stack.

ChatGTP can help you with this, but don’t submit a test task that the AI entirely did. On the other hand, companies might re-evaluate their hiring process and remove take-home test tasks altogether.

Understand algorithms

Who needs to learn all those algorithms when you have ChatGPT? ChatGPT will make it easier to understand specific algorithms, help you choose the best one, and even write the code for you.

ChatGPT can help companies too

Companies can streamline their hiring processes, reduce the workload on HR teams, and improve the overall candidate experience by using ChatGPT. It can help in several ways:

  • Defining/refining the recruitment process
  • Write better job descriptions
  • Pre-screening: summarize CVs and suggest the best fit
  • Generate interview questions
  • Help with onboarding

The future

In the short term, only a few things will change as the companies and job candidates try to understand the new reality and make proper adjustments.

Mid to long term, companies and candidates will adjust to utilizing ChatGPT and similar AI systems to their advantage.

Coding skills will no longer be the focus but the ability to quickly and efficiently deliver new features. This will give rise to no code platforms and empower even more people without a technical background to develop software.