Hi friends, I'm Davor Pihač

I'm a Software Engineer from Croatia 🇭🇷, currently living and working in Germany 🇩🇪. Tools of my choice are C#, .NET (Core), and ASP.NET Core, which I use daily. Other languages that I have experience with are Go, JavaScript and TypeScript. I'm privacy advocate and Open Source Software supporter.

About this website

Hello, there 👋and welcome! I write here about technology and people, which means I cover topics such as:

  • Development (mostly web) and infrastructure
  • C#, .NET (dotnet), JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Privacy and how to preserve it
  • Human side of the tech (that's the people part)
  • Tools and processes

Social Media

You can find me on the following Social Media platforms:


Up to date CV for all job related inquiries:

Should you have any more questions, please feel free to reach me by email.